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The Mohave Valley Irrigation and Drainage District formed on December 23, 1963 is located in Mohave County, Arizona along the Colorado River between the cities of Bullhead City, Arizona, to the north and Needles, California to the south. The land within the District’s exterior boundaries encompass 54,551 acres of which 23,064 acres are part of the Fort Mojave Indian

Reservation and 31,487 acres are managed by the District. The District, as the Bureau of Reclamation contract holder, has the right to subcontract its entitlement to entities and individuals located within the District’s service area (excluding Fort Mojave Tribal Reservation Lands). This is carried out in compliance with District Policies and Arizona

Department of Water Resources (ADWR) guidelines. The District has allocated water to agricultural, amenity, municipal, industrial, residential, and commercial subdivisions and individual users within its boundaries...read more.